Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.6 Update: Check Latest News

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Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.6 Update: The constant rumors of popular BR title, Battlegrounds Mobile India returning made the fans think about the possible arrival of a new version in-game. However, looking at the current set of items, it’s very unlikely that gamers would see any major changes taking place in-game. In this article, we will discuss the realistic chances of a new version arriving in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.6 Update

The global variant of Battlegrounds Mobile India, PUBG Mobile is approaching its 2.6 Update in a matter of weeks. The Beta version of the same is currently available on the Internet. So, gamers in India understandably wonder whether a new version would arrive in India or not.

Looking at the set of events and recent happenings, it’s unlikely that KRAFTON would introduce a new version in May. However, things can change quickly. For that scenario, a lot of things need to occur differently.

The Indian government (Government of India) blocked Battlegrounds Mobile India under Section 69A of the IT Act, citing security concerns back in July 2022. Since then, we haven’t seen KRAFTON making any notable changes to the title, which is understandable.

As mentioned earlier, the global counterpart, PUBG Mobile is currently expecting the 2.6 Update to roll out, and fans in India are also looking for answers on whether the same would arrive or not.Recently, there have been numerous reports and comments from popular Individuals.

However, as of now, BGMI or KRAFTON is yet to put out any statement to support the claims. So, gamers must wait for the official statement before.

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