BGMI 2.6 Update APK Download Direct Link, Release Date Features And Size

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Battlegrounds Mobile India’s most recent update is still playable across several platforms, and the game’s server is active. The BGMI 2.6 Update for this version will arrive in a few days, starting in May 2023, and in the meanwhile, the beta version may be tried out by interested players. You can get your hands on Battlegrounds Mobile India right now by visiting Because the game’s server is still online.

How to Download BGMI 2.6 Update APK

For those who want to download the BGMI 2.6 update APK file separately, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the BGMI website and download the APK file for the 2.6 updates.
  • After the download has finished, open the file on your device.
  • If your device is set to block installations from unknown sources, you will need to change the setting to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • To start the installation, click the “Install” button.
  • After the setup is complete, you can start playing the game.

BGMI 2.6 update download APK

The worldwide version of BGMI, PUBG Mobile, just marked its fifth anniversary. Android users can play the APK and have a good time. The update has been rolled out on both Android and iOS platforms, and players can download it from their respective app stores. Players will get the opportunity to test out new features and game modes in the PUBG Mobile 2.6 beta before they are included in the final release.

The dinosaur-inspired game modes, such as the Primal zone and themed locations, are among the most interesting things being tested. Additionally, a new full-auto mod attachment is currently being tested in this client by the developers.

File Size738 MB
PublisherKrafton, INC.
SupportsAndroid 5.1 & Up
Updated1st week of May 2023 (anticipated)

BGMI 2.6 update download APK new beta version

How To Register For BGMI Beta Tester

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) often releases beta versions of their game for testing purposes before releasing them to the general public. Becoming a beta tester for BGMI can allow you to test out new features and provide feedback to the developers. Here’s how you can register to become a BGMI beta tester:

  • Visit the BGMI website: Go to the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India at
  • Click on “Beta Testing”: On the homepage, you’ll see a section called “Beta Testing”. To enter the signup page, click on it.
  • Enter your details: On the registration page, you’ll need to enter your email address, phone number, and name.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions: After entering your details, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions of the beta testing program.
  • Submit your application: Once you’ve filled out all the required fields, click on the “Submit” button to complete your application.
  • Wait for an invitation: After submitting your application, you’ll need to wait for an invitation to become a beta tester. If you’re selected, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download and install the beta version of BGMI.

Difference Between BGMI & PUBG

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) are both battle royale games that share many similarities. However, the two games do have some notable distinctions.

  • Publisher: The most significant difference between BGMI and PUBG Mobile is their publisher. While PUBG Mobile was published by Tencent Games, BGMI is published by Krafton Game Union. This is because the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile in 2020 due to security concerns.
  • India-specific features: BGMI includes several India-specific features that were not available in PUBG Mobile. These features include in-game events and rewards, as well as exclusive costumes and weapon skins.
  • Anti-cheat system: BGMI has introduced a new anti-cheat system to prevent cheating in the game. This is in response to concerns about cheating in PUBG Mobile, which was a major issue for players.
  • User interface: While the basic gameplay and mechanics of the two games are similar, the user interface in BGMI has been improved and streamlined for a better player experience.
  • Server location: BGMI has servers located in India, which means that players in India experience lower latency and better connectivity than they did with PUBG Mobile.

Why are resource files not Downloading in the Beta Version

There are several reasons why resource files may not download in the beta version of a game like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Here are some possible reasons:

  • Slow or unstable Internet connection: If your Internet connection is slow or unstable, the resource files may not download properly. Check your internet connection for stability and try again.
  • Server issues: Sometimes, server issues can prevent resource files from downloading properly. Try again later when the servers may be less busy.
  • Corrupted files: If the resource files are corrupted, they may not download properly. Try deleting the existing files and downloading them again.
  • Insufficient storage space: If you don’t have enough storage space on your device, the resource files may not download. Make sure you have enough free space on your device to download the files.
  • Compatibility issues: If your device is not compatible with the beta version of the game, the resource files may not download properly. Check the compatibility requirements for the beta version and make sure your device meets them.

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